PA Sound System Services

If you need a sound system for your event , I’m available for hire. I bring everything needed to make sure everyone can hear what’s happening. I also have a projector and screen. Stage lighting is also available. $30 per hour.

Video Recording Services

If you’d like to have a video of your event or concert, I have what it takes to video record at the event and edit the contents later to make it look real nice. Recording with two cameras makes it even nicer (if you’re up for the extra expense). Great for creating videos to put on your website or YouTube (which I can help you setup).  $30 per hour.

Convert Old Tapes/Records to CD

If you have any favorite old tapes that never came out on CD, here’s your chance to have them transferred to CDs or into MP3 files! Pricing is $20 per tape.

Blue Skies Unlimited, P.O. Box 22, Mt. Shasta, CA  96067

I specialize in serving inspirational musicians and love to support wisdom teachers and self-improvement consultants of all types, but my services are available to all.